Visual design of Annual Report drawing on healing powers of water


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We are all connected by water

Traversing diverse bodies of water together: connected by turbulent and calm currents

Making of Frida’s Annual Report 2021

In 2021, as the pandemic turned more brutal across a majority of nations, young feminist activists embodied adaptability and continued to persevere. Their activism stood the test of time and found creative ways to connect, interact and solidify relationships despite physical barriers to connection. Reflecting on young feminists’ ability to thrive in extreme conditions, adapting as they move, made us look to the metaphor of water and propelled us to explore this theme of ‘water’ across FRIDA’s 2021 Annual Report.

Why water became our source of inspiration and meaning making?

Water is a brilliant example of how opposing forces can co-exist. Water unites territories, cleans wounds and keeps life afloat. As an all-encompassing thing, water can be equally constructive and destructive in nature. It nourishes the soil, the soul and the trees while it can destroy and hamper acres of land and habitation.


Time and again, water has displayed its sheer power, abundance, and adaptability to humans.

It comes with abundance and scarcity; a lot and a lack depending on where we live in the world. Water can run still or deep, embodies multiple textures, hues, colours, patterns and tones, many of which you will notice distinctly throughout this report, and can expand or shrink over a period of time.


Annual report design work

Time and again, water has displayed its sheer power, abundance, and adaptability to humans. We seek a lot of inspiration from the kind of metaphorical meaning water holds for feminist movements and Frida Fund’s funding ecosystem.

Its rich metaphysical existence is an example of what perseverance, resilience and flexibility really look like in practice, key characteristics we have witnessed in young feminist movements. May water heal you.

Deep dive into the waters of FRIDA’s 2021 Annual Report here!

Annual report design work