mangrove illustration

Women’s fund, fiji

illustration deployed as office mural and postcards

Illustration of Mangrove ecosystem

When Fiji Women’s Fund’s team contacted me to re-imagine and customise the Mangroves in Fiji’s context I was overjoyed at the possibilities of a beautiful analogy of re-imagining the complex and inter-dependent eco-system of Mangroves and the complex work of funding grass-root feminist work.

Mangroves in Fiji and the Pacific are connected to the vast oceans. Mangroves provide a source of life for all forms of marine specimens and for people. Mangroves are also vital to protecting the coastal shorelines in times of tsunamis and raising sea water levels.

As a feminist fund, they see themselves and their work like the mangrove eco-system, each connected to the other.

They wanted to use the illustration as symbolic gesture of appreciation to our Transitional Steering Committee who are ending their term. Using the illustration, our Fund team will choose an element in the eco-system such as sunshine, ocean, rain, crab, mangrove, wind, etc. to provide an analogy that appreciates a TSC member, and how each member fits into the ecosystem.

In addition to that the illustration was adapted as a mural for their office.

Also, as postcards that they can gift to our partners.

Organisation: Fiji Women’s Fund