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Urgent Action Fund Sisters’ fund

Highlighting meeting discussions on well-being to sustain feminist movements

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Urgent Action Fund UAF Sisters Fund

Urgent Action Fund UAF sisters fund is a partnership with three sister funds- Urgent Action Fund-Africa, Urgent Action Fund-Latin America, and Urgent Action Fund-Asia & Pacific. It provides support for women’s human rights defenders all over the globe. It collectively supports women’s leadership and activism in over 110 countries around the world, including areas affected by armed conflict, escalating violence, political volatility and extreme repression.

We attended and documented the conference at Urgent Action Fund UAF sisters fund for two days in October 2021, where the main points of discussion were reflections, learnings, and tending to transitions and the UAFs strategy for women’s human rights.

Our graphic recording illustrations reflect the highlights of the meet which mainly address the practice of wellbeing, both individually and collectively to sustain the feminist movements.