Graphic Recording

The Asia PAcific Research & Resource Centre for Women (ARROW)

Articulating agendas, plans and vision

Graphic recording for ‘The Asia Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women’ (ARROW)

ARROW is a regional non-profit women’s organization based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ARROW works toward achieving sexual and reproductive health and rights for all women in the Asia-Pacific through building strong and effective partnership, monitoring and evidence- based research for better advocacy, improving organisational systems for better outcomes and knowledge sharing through information and communication.

In August 2021, We attended and graphic recorded for ARROW Final Strategic Planning (2022-2026) Consultation: a collective and futuristic learning and sharing journey towards a feminist, rights-based transformative future in the region.

We illustrated the graphic recordings which exhibit the highlights of the meeting like impact to achieve in next five years, domain of change areas, key outcomes, strategies, implementations mechanisms, values, priority areas, targets groups, plenary reflections, and outcomes of the consultation informing the organisational strategies for ARROW.