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Count Me In Consortium

Communicating session highlights through illustrations and infographics

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Count me in (CMI) Consortium

The Count Me In! (CMI!) consortium is a strategic partner of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. CMI! consists of member organisations Mama Cash (MC), the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID), CREA, Just Associates (JASS), and the Sister Funds Urgent Action Fund (UAF) and Urgent Action Fund Africa (UAF-Africa). The sex worker-led Red Umbrella Fund (RUF) and the Dutch gender platform WO=MEN are strategic partners of the consortium.

We attended and documented the sessions via graphic recording for CMI Biannual meeting in September 2021, The agenda for the meeting was to achieve the objective to strategise the collective power and lay out next steps to achieve political impact, including how to reflect on the context analysis and discuss how this informs our strategic direction for the coming years.

We illustrated the conversations and out-takes of the sessions in the form of illustrated infographics which can then be used as a reference material for the participants to decipher the highlights of the sessions.