Graphic Recording

APFSD Youth Forum

Communicating voices, concerns and demands through graphics

Graphic recording for APFSD Youth Forum and the Asia and the Pacific regional ECOSOC Youth Forum 2022

The annual APFSD Youth Forum is the dedicated space for young people from across Asia and the Pacific region working on diverse sustainable development issues to discuss and deliberate on the theme of APFSD every year.

ARROW, along with the regional co-convenors, YouthLead and Y-PEER and other regional youth networks, organised the virtual APFSD Youth Forum and Asia and the Pacific Regional ECOSOC Youth Forum.

The aim of the Forum is to reach out to diverse regional youth groups as well, to be involved in the organising and convening of the APFSD Youth Forum 2022.

We translated the conversation of three days (19-21 March, 2022) into graphics which echo the voices, concerns, and demands of young people discussed in the Forum. Our graphic presentation reflects the main highlights of the forum like plan of building back better from COVID-19 while advancing the full implementation of the 2030 Agenda in Asia and the Pacific with young people at the forefront of SDG Action, thematic area focus: Quality education, Gender Equality, and climate action for Sustainable Present and Future: Young People in the forefront.