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Documenting the feminist movement against war on drugs

As feminist movements, much of our history is about learning and unlearning: of ignorance, stigma, the meaning of privileges, for example. It is an ongoing story of comprehending power relations and confronting them, externally in society as well as internally in our own organising. Feminists often do this work intuitively. Yet, even when it is done intentionally, it is rarely documented. Our purpose with this documentation is to share AWID’s experience of strengthening relationships and building trust between feminist movements and women who work on humane drug policy in Eastern Europe and Central Asia region, and supporting the inspiring movement-building process led by womxn who use drugs globally.

We along with AWID’s UK based team collaborated to document the Feminist movement against the war of drugs. The brief was multilayered, nuanced and tender and that’s how we unpacked it.

View the entire report here or download it from AWID’s website here.