Visual communication design 

The Association for Women’s rights in development

Designed, illustrated and produced the toolkit

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Feminist Realities | Our Power in Action

Design, Illustrations and Production of the Toolkit

Launched in 2019, The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) wanted to create a toolkit to amplify and strengthen the voices of the feminists around the world. With a series of photographs and a long report, the brief was to create a cohesive report to adapt AWID’s voice to create a visually stunning language. AWID is an international women rights organisation working for gender equality, and the forum’s theme was on Transforming Economic Power to Advance Women’s Rights and Justice.

Working with AWID, We set out to research and design a toolkit incorporating:

  • Practical tools designed to initiate and open up conversations around Feminist stories around the world and build a safe space.

  • Flexibility for solo or group use in the field, education and advocacy support settings;

  • Resources must be in both print and digital format and it needs to be translated in Spanish, French and English.

  • It’s an Open source resource, To ensure accessibility, the toolkit was embedded with alternative text/image descriptions for those using screen readers or with low bandwidth.

  • A strong brand identity that stands alone on its own but also feels like a part of AWID family.

This work involved a preliminary research of all the case studies to identify the best tools, visual language followed by a co-design activity of the initial toolkit. Through a series of mind maps, iterations and brainstorming sessions with our internal team and the fruitful collaboration with AWID’s team, we translated the initial brief and designed an illustrated visually striking feminist utopia. Throughout the report, we worked on highlighting and representing women, trans, indigenous, differently abled and non-binary people, whose voices are often unheard and efforts unrecognised.

Select spreads from the toolkit are featured here. The entire toolkit can be viewed here and can also be downloaded from AWID’s Website