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We create visual experiences that move. We build stories that connect, inform and invigorate. We craft messages that impact. We believe the world needs to embrace both, its awe-inspiring diversity as well as those that stay invisible.

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Some Of Our Work

Frida | The young feminist fund

We created the visual design for Frida Annual report.

The challenge of finding the right vehicle to convey the adaptability of the young feminist movements –  their ability to connect, interact and solidify relationships despite physical barriers led us into exploring water as a metaphor.


Visual design and illustration of the project final report for, “Forefronting our agendas – Advocacy to protect sex worker rights.”

The big idea here was to humanise sex workers – to push forth the idea to treat it as just another commercial workinstead of defining the identity of the woman.

International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)

Visual Communication for Covid 19 scoping report highlighting impact of Covid 19 on informal workers in India from a gender persepctive.

The idea was to spotlight the daily struggles of women and bring out the physical and emotional violence they face in sharp relief.


Illustrating their virtual gallery to highlight gender issues in shifting power strctures.

The idea here was to provide. a new way to think, feel and grasp the opportunities changing power structures afford us now.


The social media campaign highlighted stories of GAGGA-supported communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America who are experiencing water insecurity due to climate change.

The creative driver here being the need to evocatively express the hardships faced by diverse womenfolk facing water crises they have no role in creating.

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Crafting stories that inform, inspire and invigorate

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